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Program Specifics

Globally Conscious Education for Children Ages 1½ to 8 Years

The programs at My Whole Earth Academy cover education for children from 1½ to 8 years of age. Each program is geared towards a different age group to help ensure each child receives the proper care and education. We also offer volunteer positions to high school students and placement opportunities to college and university students focusing on Early Childhood Education, Montessori, and more. Contact our office for more information about our courses and opportunities.

Prep School Is Toddler Care That Prepares Vancouver Children & Parents for PreschooL



For toddler care in Vancouver that encourages wholesome development, try the classes at My Whole Earth Academy.

Our Prep School program allows children to attend ‘school’ at a slower pace, as young as 18 months old, with their parents or care givers. Adults benefit from the advice of Teachers as we prepare you and your children for the expectations of independent school attendance. Discussions cover various aspects of toddler development and ways to have fun playing together while enhancing cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills.

Carefully chosen activities and ‘teachable moments’ are used by Teachers to establish your child’s strong foundation for school. We practice a range of social, mathematical, engineering, culinary, artistic, and linguistic skills needed for living and learning successfully. At 2 years old, parents may request that their child begin our Gradual Separation Program which leads to independent attendance in our Preschool classroom.

Progressive Blended Montessori Preschool

For Children 3 – 4 Years Old

3.5 hours, 1-5 days, am or 2.5 hours, 1-5 days, pm

The Preschool program at Vancouver’s My Whole Earth Academy offers a unique blend of progressive Montessori and skill-based educational methods to create an enrichment program which guides children to use their natural learning processes in daily lessons. Teachers, certified in Early Childhood Education and in Montessori teaching, develop and build on the skills learned in the Prep School program by adding elements of inquiry and experimentation, along with a broader vocabulary base to further your child’s knowledge and understanding of complex concepts. Our unique Curriculum Matrix ensures that all types of intelligences and interests are given an opportunity to learn and to shine. Program themes focus on Cultural Anthropology and Natural Sciences to develop compassionate worldviews complemented by a scientific mindset.

Progressive Blended Montessori Junior Kindergarten

For Children 4 – 5 Years Old

3.5 hours, 2, 3 or 5 days, pm only

See how your child can benefit from My Whole Earth Academy’s Junior Kindergarten program in Vancouver. Monthly themes are explored through project-based learning, designed to enhance your child’s focus, specialized skill sets and diligence. Preparing for entry into Elementary school means knowing more than just your ABCs and 123s! Our unique blend of progressive Montessori and skills-based education methods are the basis of our Skills Curriculum Matrix uses Math, Science, Anthropology, Fine Arts, Philosophy, Drama, Cooking, and French to delve deeply and learn more about our whole Earth. Children are given opportunities to discuss how their lessons are relevant in the real world and to apply the knowledge they’ve gained in practical ways.

Elementary School French Immersion Tutoring

My Whole Earth Academy offers after school academic programs for older children. For French Immersion we offer after school tutoring programs at the following times:

M & F | 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Volunteer Opportunities and Placement Options

High School Students

We warmly welcome students in grades 10, 11 and 12 to volunteer with us. Come learn about classroom management, child psychology, Early Childhood Education and the basics of having and keeping a job.

College and University

We are excited to offer placement options to Early Childhood Education and Montessori students seeking their certification. Trained teachers will supervise and support you with a quality experience in our classrooms. Special Needs and Infant/Toddler students, as well as Behavioral Intervention Consultant students will also find plenty to study at our Academy.

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