HIL Junior Kindergarten

Highly Interested Learners (HIL) Junior Kindergarten Program

– Teach me EVERYTHING!

(3.5 hours, Monday – Friday, 1:00 -4:30 pm, for children 4 – 6 years old)



Calling All Lovers of Knowledge!  Do you have a child with an unquenchable thirst for answers?  A child who loves to learn?  This is a special program just for them!  Our HIL Junior Kindergarten Program offers an enriched version of our unique multidisciplinary curriculum to engage your child’s innate love of learning while helping them develop into self-sufficient, confident members of society.  Our bright and engaging classrooms are arranged into thematic stations with quality materials for every curiousity and interest and we go out on Field Trips, too!

Weekly lesson plans are co-created with the students and themes are explored through challenging weekly projects.  Students may team up into groups or work independently while applying and expanding the skills they are learning. An excellent precursor for IB programs or private schools, our HIL program provides opportunities for your child to develop their mind, heart, and skills to the fullest.

With Life on Earth as the focus of inquiry, our curriculum uses real science and technology experiments, Reggio-style nature projects, and Montessori class materials to broaden your child’s vocabulary, increase their mental acumen, and further their understanding of their lived experiences. Themes draw from the fields of Cultural Anthropology, Natural Sciences, and Geography to further develop your child as a kind Global Citizen with a sustainable world view and a scientific mind.

This specialized JK program gently supports your child’s ongoing socio-emotional development as we guide them to confidently ask and find answers to their questions about the world around them and remember to include their peers in the discussion or project at hand. Field Trips to the Library, local nature settings, and fun Educational Centers are another great way that we promote their ability to make friends and learn how to be a member of the team while satisfying their urge to know more!

Due to the challenging nature of the lessons we undertake, we strongly recommend enrolling for the highest number of days per week that your child can attend in good health.  Much of our learning is experiential and comes from projects that are completed over several days and build on the lessons from previous days.  Repetition works!

Our Goals: To encourage and expand upon your child’s strong interest in knowledge while nurturing their confidence and self-image as a kind member of society.   (Interview required for admission)

Tuition Fees

Junior Kindergarten (3.5 hrs)


Tuition Fees 2 days 3 days 4 days

Full School Year –

Sep 5 – Jun 21

$6,213 $7,863 $8,458

Fall Semester – 

Sep 5 – Dec 15

$2,493 $3,210 $3,470

Winter Semester –

Jan 2 – Mar 29

$2,162 $2,783 $3,092

Spring Semester  –

Apr 1 – Jun 21

$1,995 $2,610 $2,822