From early childhood education school supplies to educational toys, musical instruments and more, Vancouver’s My Whole Earth Academy has provided the following links as trusted sources:

Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land

This video is a surprisingly good introduction to mathematics for kids of all ages. It was one of Miss Jen’s favourites as a child.

Lakeshore has been around for a very long time, was started by a mom and has a well-developed website complete with online ordering.

Although the website is bare, they are local and have great prices on a wide range supplies and toys. Going to the store is like being a child in a candy store. I recommend only taking as much cash as you plan to spend.

Kaplan is very focused on the educational aspects of toys and supplies. A well-developed website, although pretty pricey sometimes.

This company has a wide range of products, including wonderful educational programs for the computer and books that use real photos (which is better for language acquisition in young children). Not everything on the site is educational, as there are choices aimed at mainstream pop cultural interests as well.

Another Canadian site with a fun and whimsical website. It includes some extra resources and games for parents.

A well-known Canadian site used by many teachers. There are free resources on the main page and a fully developed website to browse. Higher end of the price range.

This is an excellent site for the parent looking for specifically science-based toys, games and experiments. A personal favourite, I recommend requesting the catalogue by mail so you can make a long wish list and keep buying all year long.

This site is loaded with information for parents concerning art and art supplies. A great site with lots of ideas and products for families.

This local supplier of musical instruments and supplies is fantastic for the family looking to get their child started early in a musical career. Higher price bracket on some things, but great quality makes it worth it.

This store is located just across the border in Bellingham and has a lot of choice and fairly reasonable rates. Easy to visit if you are taking a shopping trip to the states anyway.