Independence Building

Junior Preschool

– Independence Building Toward On-My-Own Participation

(2 hours, Monday – Thursday, 9am – 11am, for children 2½ – 3½ years old)


Our licensed Jr Preschool Program supports your child’s emerging sense of autonomy and independence.  We continue the ‘Transfer of Trust and Authority’ from Parent to Teacher by asking parents to remain seated at the side of the room or in our lobby, throughout class. Your child may come to you for reassurance and connection at any time, while also having the opportunity to practice ‘on-my-own’ participation and develop the confidence to ‘go to school’.  All while still enjoying the closeness and security that having you near provides them.

English vocabulary and school concepts are explored with greater depth and higher order reasoning skills such as timekeeping, planning and problem solving are introduced. Opportunities abound to develop their confidence along with personal self-control and life skill independence. Guided classroom activities such as art & science exploration build on the foundational skills gained in Prep class. Early numeracy & literacy activities further enhance the learning environment.

Our Goals: To support the emerging autonomy of each child and begin healthy separation from their caregiver for most, if not all, classroom activities.  To expand your child’s vocabulary for receiving help, changing social interactions for the better, and sharing feelings. 

Tuition Fees

Junior Preschool (2 hrs)


Tuition Fees 2 days 3 days 4 days

Full School Year –

Sep 5 – Jun 21

$2,203 $3,306 $4,168

Fall Semester – 

Sep 5 – Dec 15

$900 $1,352 $1,708

Winter Semester –

Jan 2 – Mar 29

$780 $1,168 $1,483

Spring Semester  –

Apr 1 – Jun 21

$733 $1,098 $1,393