Multidisciplinary Preschool

Multidisciplinary Preschool

– Who am I? Where are we? What is school all about?

(3 hours, Mon – Friday, 9:00am – 12:00am, for children 3 – 4 years old)



Let the questions begin! Our Multidisciplinary Preschool Program offers a unique curriculum that blends the pedagogies of Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf, and the BC Early Learning Framework. We encourage your child to use their natural learning style to complete daily activities while being inspired to become lifelong learners who are self-sufficient, confident members of society.  Our bright and engaging classroom is arranged into thematic stations with quality materials for every curiosity and interest your child may have.

As your child’s first independent school experience, we know that they may need some help getting over the emotional and social hurdles of being on their own.  Using compassionate communication and inclusive language, Teachers support healthy methods of sharing feelings, asking for turns, setting boundaries, and managing natural frustrations. It is in these early years that a strong foundation of mindful living is carefully laid!

You’ve heard of STEM and STEAM? Our wholistic STREAMING academic curriculum ensures that all types of intelligences and interests are given an opportunity to learn and shine.  Every week we offer experiences in Science, Technology, Reading and Writing, Engineering, Art, Math, Music, Individual Work, Nature Studies, and Group Projects to stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.  Monthly themes draw from the fields of Cultural Anthropology, Natural Sciences and Geography to further develop your child as a Global Citizen possessing a sustainable world view balanced with a scientific mind.

Due to the emergent and ongoing learning that happens in our classes, we strongly recommend enrolling for the highest number of days per week that your child can attend in good health.  Challenging topics are made accessible by being presented as projects, both group and individual, that are completed over several days and build on the lessons from previous days.  Repetition works!

Our Goals: To inspire your child to be curious, empathetic, mindful, and confident while out in the world and at school.  To prepare your child for successful entry into Jr Kindergarten.

Tuition Fees

Preschool (3 hrs)


Tuition Fees 2 days 3 days 4 days

Full School Year –

Sep 5 – Jun 21

$5,242 $6,632 $7,123

Fall Semester – 

Sep 5 – Dec 15

$2,135 $2,712 $2,928

Winter Semester –

Jan 2 – Mar 29

$1,850 $2,350 $2,608

Spring Semester  –

Apr 1 – Jun 21

$1,735 $2,205 $2,380