Parent Participation

Parent Participation Prep Class

– The Introduction & Development of Skills


(75 minutes, Monday – Thursday, 11:00am – 12:15pm, for children 20 – 30 months old)


We look forward to gently introducing you and your toddler to the classroom experience. In this class, you will attend with your child and stay with them the whole time, guiding them to notice their Teacher’s instructions and to engage peacefully with their peers and classroom materials.

Teachers will coach You on how to activate your child’s innate ‘learning-by-mimicry’ and support their first efforts at appropriate social behaviours. Together, you will gain valuable school experiences such as exploring art materials through simple crafts and enjoying social interactions with Teachers and peers.  You’ll practice effective and friendly communication techniques, and participate in guided snack, lesson, and circle times.  As you demonstrate your enthusiasm and participation, your child will watch and mimic your sense of curiousity and involvement.

When your child is comfortable in the classroom, your coaching conversations with the Teacher will expand to include guidance for conflict resolution between peers and constructive tips to support success during parent-child disagreements.  When your Teacher observes that your child is ready, you may begin to ‘transfer trust and authority’ from Parent to Teacher by gently widening your child’s sphere of trust to include Teachers when you leave the room for a practiced absence (2-5 minutes).

In time, your child will feel confident enough to be fully engaged without your constant support.  When that day comes, we will be ready with our Jr Preschool Program, and you will be ready to step away for long enough to have tea with a friend, get your hair done, or just enjoy a little ‘you’ time!

Our Goals: To lay a strong social foundation based in kindness and trust while learning basic school social skills such as waiting, listening, asking the Teacher for help, taking pride in cleaning up, turn-taking, and more.

Tuition Fees

Parent & Child Class (1.25 hrs)


Tuition Fees 2 days 3 days 4 days

Full School Year –

Sep 5 – Jun 21

$1,615 $2,422 $3,080

Fall Semester – 

Sep 5 – Dec 15

$652 $978 $1,248

Winter Semester –

Jan 2 – Mar 29

$565 $848 $1,082

Spring Semester  –

Apr 1 – Jun 21

$528 $793 $1,013